NNC Apartment Ventures, LLC (“NNC”) works closely with two affiliated companies in the day to day operation and asset management of its investment properties.

Sutter Investment Advisors (“SIA”) was formed in 2002 as an asset management company to supervise the investment and operating activities of NNC and to advise partners on investment structuring and planning.  SIA continues to assist NNC on all of its acquisitions and dispositions and has completed professional assignments for institutional investors in assessing viability of assets and potential acquisitions. 

SIA is supported by professionals in the areas of accounting and tax, market research, data collection and analysis, environmental assessments and physical conditions review.  SIA assignments include reporting to company Board of Directors and senior management on valuations, operational planning and asset repositioning to maximize value. 

Professional services offered by SIA include:

  • Hold vs Sale Analysis
  • Operational and Capital Budgeting
  • Assessment of Operational Controls
  • Strategic Assessment of Business Operations
  • Market Research and Application
  • Capital Market Execution and Management
  • Supervision of 3rd Party Property Management
  • Debt Placement and Restructuring
  • Transaction Assessment and Financial Analysis
  • Real Estate Tax Matters including Property Taxes and Income Taxes
  • Structuring of 1031 Exchanges and Supervision and Selection of Accommodators
  • Environmental Issues relating to Multi-Family Investments
  • Partnership and Limited Liability Company Formation and Issues
  • Renovation Scope and Planning Analysis

All fees for requested services are negotiated in advance.

Fusion Property Management Company, LLC (“Fusion”) Fusionpmc.com is the property management arm of Sutter Investment Advisors, LLC. And is an active 3rd party property manager in California and Arizona.    Fusion is a licensed real estate broker in California and Arizona.  Fusion is an important part the value creation process of our real estate investments.  Fusion employs talented and well trained associates at both the property and home office.  For example, our accounting department is supervised by a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) licensed in the State of California and we have Certified Property Managers (CPM) on staff; a professional designation earned from the Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM).  We focus on continuing education for our associates including the legal responsibilities of providing for rent housing and the skills to lease and operate multi-family assets.

Reporting is an important part of Fusion’s services and transparency to investors.  A suite of informational and accounting reports is prepared each month for all asset and owners.  Our accounting system is state of the art for multi-family assets and includes monthly financial statements, rent roll and operating benchmarking reports.  Operating funds by asset are deposited to a separate back account in the name of the property and payments are made from that same account.  Onsite employees are employees of Fusion and covered by worker compensation insurance.  Fusion prepares and files all employee related reports with governmental agencies. 

We also provide renovation services, including onsite technicians, and outside contractor supervision for a successful update to assets per a renovation plan and specification.  Also, as part of that service we closely monitor the financial results on a unit by unit basis to need return expectations.

Fusion fees are generally based upon a percentage of gross revenues and total renovation costs.